Berry Creek Bash

Jun 15, 2019 Susan Conners

The Berry Creek Library Board would like to thank all our community partners for helping create a successful Berry Creek Bash.  Thank you W.I. ladies for the delicious beef-on-a-bun.  Marigold Library System for sending us 5 games for kids to enjoy and Project REACH for providing a puzzle coloring project.  Highland dancing is fun to watch and always draws a crowd of proud grandparents.  It is great to see the benefit of having a music program (Mr. Brinkman & Mr. Scholz)  in our school as well as private classes available right in Cessford.  Thanks also goes out to our face-painting team; Alana Burton and Falyn Fryberger, they were busy for about 4 hours!  140 people of all ages were in attendance - What a Bash!