Past Programs

Anything Goes Craft Night
At our 'Anything Goes Craft Night' we have tried out a variety of crafts - card making, flower arranging, bead bracelets, paint night and many hours of knitting and crocheting. The library board extends thanks to volunteer, Jan Garlock for managing the library on Thursday night.

Knitting & Crocheting in the Library

Three volunteers kindly offered to teach knitting and crocheting lessons in the library, these lessons ran one night a week for 4 weeks. This evening out was enjoyed by many women so we decided to run a weekly craft night for the upcoming fall and winter.

Quilting Workshop

July 2014
Rose Dale, one of our local quilting enthusiasts taught a day long workshop.  She did a project called The Disappearing Nine Patch.  This quilting class took place during our summer library days, adults and students attended the event.

Homesteader Soaps
May 2014
Gwen Torie owner of Homesteader Soaps gave a demonstration on the process of making soap for the staff and students of our school.  Then she did a hands-on workshop with the students, they created scented bath salts in a jar.  To complete this fun project the students decorated the jars with stickers and ribbons for Mother's day gifts.

Leather Tooling
Oct. 2013
Vione Kading kindly provided the tooks, leather and her expertise on leather tooling for a day long workshop.  All elementary and jr. high students tooled a leather bookmark and really enjoyed the project.  Thanks also to Linda Pierson for the use of the alphabet leather tools, many students stamped names on their bookmarks.

Palaeontologist Visit
Oct. 2012
We were very pleased to have paleotologist Phil Currie and paleobotanist Eva Koppelhus visit our school.  They presented a slide show and answered our questions about dinosaurs and fossils.  Phil and Eva kindly donated dinosaur books to our library, several were titles they wrote.  Last year Dr. Currie excavated a styracosaurus from the badlands near Steveville.

The Wool Mine
Oct. 2011
Author Presentation and Felt Making workshop by Tracy Kuffner, owner of the Wool Mine.  School students and staff enjoyed the opportunity to learn about felting wool and they loved creating their own felted picture.  In her author presentation Tracy displayed bookmaking techniques and explained the step by step process she went through in creating her hand felted story books for children.

Circles of Rhythm Drum Circles
Dec. 2010
Instructor Judy Atkinson taught the students the importance of being able to work together as a group.  Caring and respecting each other was the focus of our hands-on drumming experience.  Students enjoyed trying out African, Caribbean, and native North American drums.  This was a one day workshop taught by Judy Atkinson of Calgary.

Zoo Mobile
April 2010
The Zoo Mobile staff - Charlotte and Dawna along with their critters; a box turtle, corn snake, and salamander were enjoyed by all who stopped by the library for their programs.  The younger students learned the difference between reptiles and amphibians.  The Grade 7 - 12 attended the session called wild & wacky facts about animals.  This was a one day information session put on by the Calgary Zoo.

Dan The Balloon Man  
Nov. 2009
Dan the Balloon Man traveled from Edmonton the evening before the workshop so he could spend a full day with our students.  All ages really enjoyed Dan's show and he created some amazing balloon characters.  Dan claimed  "If I can imagine it, I can create it; you are only limited by your imagination". Dan was very impressed with how quickly the students learned to make balloon animals.

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